Meanwhile, In Florida: Man Referring To Himself As “God” Spits In Police Officer’s Face While On Mushrooms, & More (DETAILS)

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In today’s “Stories From Florida,”we meet a man high on ‘shrooms who declared himself God before spitting in a police officer’s face, and another proud Floridian who stole a front-end loader, leading police on a chase for over an hour.

We really couldn’t make this stuff up.

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” 

Port St. Lucie police had to deal with a man calling himself God last month, after he broke into an apartment and urinated on the resident’s carpet. The suspect, Martin Najera, was high on mushrooms during the break-in. Police were called and things took a turn:

An officer tried to speak with Najera, but said Najera spit in his face. The officer told Najera he’d go to jail if he spit in the officer’s face again. Najera spit in the officer’s face again, and also punched him several times. When a rescue worker asked Najera his name, Najera said, “God,” and expectorated…

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