More Police Brutality: Teen Girl Screams “I Can’t Breathe” After Arizona Cop Punches, Subdues Her (VIDEO)

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Amid the conversation surrounding excessive force and police brutality in the nation, another disturbing video of a police officer attempting to subdue a 15-year-old girl, punching her in the process, has gone viral.

In the video, posted to Facebook Friday by Luis Paul Puleo Santiago, a female police officer can be seen from a distance struggling with a Mesa, Arizona teenager whose name has not yet been released. You can hear Santiago and a woman in the car with him gasp, remarking that the cop “just punched her in the face.”

The 15-year-old teenager, who was described as a runaway by authorities, can be heard telling the officer to stop. At one point she screams “I can’t breathe.”

From ABC15:

Esteban Flores with Mesa police said dispatch received a call from the 15-year-old girl’s mother at around 4:20 p.m. seeking assistance after the daughter had gotten…

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