If You Don’t Know! News & Politics Roundup: Missouri Bar Scrutinized For Serving Michael Brown-Themed Shot Specials…AND MORE!

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Mugshots, a bar near Ferguson, Mo., has come under fire for selling a Michael Brown-themed shot. Playing heavy on sarcasm, the bar featured the “Silver Bullet Special” named after the murdered teen, which included six tequila shots for $10. The owner of the bar claims it was just a joke, later renaming the deal after himself – “The A**hole Special.” [MSNBC] 

One of the leaders in ride-share services is having the worst year ever. Uber has been hit with another lawsuit by San Francisco and Los Angeles prosecutors for their failure to detect suspicious employees. The lawsuit claims the company lied to customers about their drivers’ backgrounds and failed to successfully find safe and knowledgeable operators. With many cases this year surrounding Uber drivers and sexual assault, the company has some serious holes in their background policies to address. [Huff Post] 

So this happened. A black teenager was taken out of…

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