SHUT IT DOWN! Russell Simmons, Nas, & Thousands More Protest Police Brutality During #MillionsMarchNYC (PHOTOS)

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Yesterday, nearly 50,000 people gathered in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park to participate in #MillionsMarchNYC, an act of resistance against police brutality.

The protests were originally organized by 23-year-old Synead Nichols and 19-year-old Umaara Iynaas Elliott, but as word spread, thousands of people, all different ages and ethnicities, were seen marching.

The protests’ purposes were to bring awareness about racially-motivated police brutality, as well as bring justice to those who have already been victimized by it, such as in the cases of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

The family members of Mike Brown, Jordan Davis, Shantel Davis, Sean Bell, Emmitt Till, Alberta Spruill and Ramarley Graham, Kimani Gray helped to lead the march from Washington Square Park to the New York City Police Department Headquarters, with big names coming out to join, such as Russell Simmons, Nas, and Kevin Liles.

Organizer Synead Nichols said of the…

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