Azealia Banks: Reclassified by T. Better Baldwin

Global Grind

azalea banks hot-97Azealia Banks got your heart. If you didn’t see her Hot 97 interview, watch it. If you didn’t see her twitter takedown of Action Bronson, read it. If you didn’t understand her general case for cultural appropriation then you are part of the problem; the problem being there are those who acknowledge that denial, pardon, I mean the Nile is a river but fail to see Egypt as part of Africa.

[ione_embed src=// service=youtube width=600 height=335 type=iframe]

I’m a huge Ghostface Killah fan so it’s been very difficult for me to accept Action Bronson as anything other than a knock off, who happens to be white. Awhile back, I started to write a piece entitled, “Is It Racist If I Don’t Like Action Bronson?” It was originally to counter an article in Complex called “Action Bronson Is My Favorite Rapper of All Time.” I scrapped it for many reasons, but…

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