Antonio Martin’s Girlfriend Speaks Out About His Death & The Protests In Missouri (DETAILS)

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Police Officer Fatally Shoots Man Near Ferguson, Missouri

The girlfriend of Antonio Martin, the 18-year-old killed by a police officer in Barkeley Missouri earlier this week, says she hasn’t been able to sleep since her boyfriend was shot dead.

Kenna Brown revisited the site of the shooting on Christmas Eve, where she spoke to the media about the immense grief she feels in the wake of Antonio’s death.

“He didn’t deserve to die,” Brown told the Huffington Post. “He was so scared, I’m telling you, he was so scared. He looked at me like, ‘Baby, please jump in and say something to save me.'”

According to Brown, she arrived to the scene shortly after Martin was shot. St. Louis County Police chief Jon Belmar alleges that Antonio pointed a gun a the officer, who was responding to a robbery at the gas station where the shooting occurred. The officer confronted Martin and another person to question them about…

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