Jada Pinkett Smith’s Shape Magazine Cover Is All The Motivation You Need To Get Fit For The New Year (PHOTOS)

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Jada Pinkett Smith - Shape Magazine Cover

Forget waiting until tomorrow to sign up for a new gym membership like we do every time January 1 rolls back around—we’re just about ready to go work out right this moment. Maybe if we start now, we’ll look almost as good as Jada Pinkett Smith come summertime.

The Gotham actress and her insane bikini body star on Shape magazine, and at 43 years old, she’s looking better than most who are half her senior. She shows off her fit physique in an orange bathing suit for a cover worthy of being ripped off and put on our refrigerator doors.

Staying fit for JPS is no easy feat, however. Her motivation? Will Smith:

“Well, I love when Will looks at me and says, ‘You look so freaking good!'” she shared. “When my husband of almost 20 years can’t take his eyes off of me? That’s amazing.”

If you…

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