Texas Woman Sues Police For Breaking Her Ribs During Arrest (DETAILS)

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The Victoria Police Department in Texas is being sued by a woman who claims officers broke her ribs during an unlawful arrest.

According to the Victoria Advocate, Mary Jones filed a lawsuit against the Victorian Police department and several officers for a December 2013 incident. Jones says she was sleeping on the night of December 22, 2013, when police officers knocked on her door about a crime committed in her truck. Unaware that her sons took her vehicle mudding while she was sleeping, Jones denied any involvement and tried to go back into her house.

It was then that Jones was pushed to the ground and arrested alongside her fiancé and two sons for disorderly conduct.

She claims Victoria Police Officer D. Stone and two other unnamed officers injured her during the early morning hours of Dec. 22, 2013

“One of them had his foot on my arm, and the other kicked…

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