The Twist: Cop Confronts Teen With Airsoft AR-15 Rifle & Ski Mask…Teen Lives (DETAILS)

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Violence, Child

In the fourth quarter of 2014, protesters took to the streets to stage demonstrations denouncing police violence, finding strength by invoking the names of those who perished by a law enforcement officer’s gun (or hands).

At least two of those names, Tamir Rice and John Crawford III, belonged to black individuals who were shot dead for holding guns. Fake guns. In one instance, a 12-year-old child was shot playing with a toy gun at a Cleveland park. Crawford, a 22-year-old black male, was gunned down after he picked up an airsoft rifle on display at an Ohio Walmart store.

In both cases, police maintain they told the child and young adult to put down the weapons. In both cases, surveillance video shows that the two were shot in a matter of seconds. For Tamir, that meant two seconds before his life ended, his 14-year-old sister looking on.

The conversation…

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