Of Course, Calvin Klein Photoshopped Justin Bieber’s Bulge (PHOTOS)

Global Grind

justin bieber calvin klein photoshop

Everything we know is a lie. Nothing is real anymore. Especially not Calvin Klein’s upcoming spring campaign starring Justin Bieber and his abs.

Truth be told, the use of Photoshop isn’t exactly done sparingly, so nobody should’ve been shocked to learn that the Biebs was touched up for the ad’s final result—although it is weird that they went so far as to add more pubic hair. We were still willing to admit that the back-then teeny bopper was looking quite alright, as if he finally grew up and bulked up.

Except he really hasn’t. At least not as much as Calvin Klein would like us to believe. An insider leaked an unretouched image from the photoshoot to BreatheHeavy.com, and the clothing company not only enhanced damn near every muscle in Biebs’ 20-year-old body, but the bulge is the stuff of a photo editor’s dreams.

Meanwhile, Mark Walhberg has yet to publicly acknowledge…

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