Guidance Counselor Fired From High School After Threatening “Die-In” Protestors (DETAILS)

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A guidance counselor from Philadelphia has been fired after she was accused of writing social media posts that were threatening towards “die-in” protestors.

The protestors she reportedly made remarks towards online were demonstrating outside of an Eagles game on December 7th last year, leading her to be placed on leave.

The school board made the decision to officially fire MaryKate Blankenberg on Tuesday evening, as the messages on her social media read:

“If my child cannot get to the Eagles game due to protesters, I will personally SHOOT every one of them. You’ve been warned idiots!!”

Despite being fired, reports say that she won’t be facing any criminal charges, and was only considered the post to be “inappropriate and ill-advised.”

Since the investigation, Blankenberg is reportedly “apologetic and remorseful” for her actions, and admitted to writing the posts that caused controversy.

What do you think of the guidance counselor’s firing?


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