WHAT?! Wife Chops Off Her Cheating Husband’s Penis…Twice! (DETAILS)

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Festival Of The Steel Phallus Draws Crowds In Kawasaki

Well, this story might make men think twice about cheating.

A 21-year-old woman in China seeked revenge on her 32-year-old husband, after she discovered that he used her phone to sent a flirty, and lengthy, email to another woman, as he forgot to log out of his account.

In response to finding out what happened, Feng then took scissors, and cut off Fan Lung’s penis while he was sleeping, according to the NY Post.

The site reports that her husband was rushed to the hospital, and doctors were able to sew the body part back on properly, but this didn’t seem to be enough for his wife.

Reports say she then snuck into the hospital soon after his surgery, and chopped off his penis for a second time, before throwing it out the window.

Lung chased Feng out of the hospital, despite the him losing blood that was running down his…

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