Ecuadorian Beauty Queen Dies During Botched Liposuction Surgery Won At Pageant (DETAILS)

Global Grind

catherine-candoCatherine Cando, a part time glamour model and beauty queen from Ecuador, died on the operating table while getting liposuction she won in a competition.

The 19-year-old won the local title of “Queen of Duran” in October. Her goodie bag of prizes included a tablet, a car, and a round of cosmetic surgery treatment. While she felt like she didn’t need it at the time, the model decided to get lipo after the surgeon continued to pressure her into it. Cando fell into cardiac arrest during the surgery and died.

An autopsy report revealed Cando died of hypovolemic shock after she lost most of her blood, causing the body to shut down.

As reigning Queen of Duran, she told local media she had shunned having surgery when she realized she was too fat, and had exercised to lose weight instead.

Her brother Daniel Zavala, 24, told local media: “Before having…

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