Former Mexico Mayor Charged With Kidnapping 43 Missing Students (VIDEO)

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[ione_ndn_embed video_id=28352372]

The former mayor of Mexico, Jose Luis Abarca, has officially been charged with kidnapping in the case of 43 students who were reportedly killed last year.

Abarca and his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa were arrested late last year after 43 students traveling from Ayotzinapa to Iguala vanished in September. The students were headed to Iguala to raise money for a future trip to Mexico City. During their journey, the students were ambushed and six were killed. Abarca was previously linked to the six murders in October, but officials have now confirmed his direct connection to the entire case. The students were attacked under assumptions they were in town to disrupt an event held by Pineda Villa.

Abarca and his wife will also stand trial for charges of organized crime. The couple allegedly worked with police and drug cartels to kidnap the students.

Massive protests lasted for months over the students’ disappearance, with…

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