Black Love: 15 Pictures Of Coretta Scott King & Martin Luther King Jr. (PHOTOS)

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As people honor and look back on Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and extraordinary vision, another person comes to mind – Coretta Scott King. The fellow civil rights leader and activist stood proudly by Dr. King’s side during his biggest triumphs and major setbacks. Through it all, the couple managed to inspire people and teach everyone about love, forgiveness and strength.

Their romance began in January 1952, after meeting through a mutual friend. After meeting the singer, Martin was engulfed by Coretta’s beauty and strong opinions of racial and economic injustice sweeping the nation. A year later, the two tied the knot and the rest is history.

King had this to say about Coretta in his autobiography:

“My devoted wife has been a constant source of consolation to me through all the difficulties. In the midst of the most tragic experiences, she never became panicky or overemotional. I have…

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