Drake’s Dad Is Preparing To Release New Music (DETAILS)

Global Grind

dennis-grahamDennis Graham on the beat, hoe. 

Watch out, the man who helped create Drakeis releasing new music. Drake’s father Dennis Graham is kicking off 2015 with some new music, and he’s looking for a “classy female rapper” to deliver him a dope feature.

According to TMZ, the longtime musician was supposed to collaborate with his super famous son, but due to Drake’s crazy work load he was unable to locked down studio time that would fit the “6 God’s” schedule.

“Well, Graham tells TMZ he found his woman in rookie rapper Ze Monroe, and she’s going to rhyme on his new song, “Kinda Crazy.” The original plan was for Drake to guest star too, but he couldn’t fit studio time into his schedule … but DG says there are no hard feelings.”

No word on when daddy Graham will release “Kinda Crazy,” but we know whenever he does release the…

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