Miley Cyrus Talks Justin Bieber Stealing Her Look, Paparazzi Ruining Vacations, & The Stigma Behind Discussing Sex (VIDEOS)

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461960056Miley Cyrus is one wild woman these days!

The former Disney star interviewed with Entertainment Tonightat her VIVA Glam launch for Mac Cosmetics event recently, and talked about realizing that she was less like Hannah Montana and more like Justin Bieber.

“My double life, I never was ever Hannah [Montana],” says Cyrus of her famous TV character. “I was always just Justin Bieber, and that was my decoy to avoid the fact that I’m actually Justin Bieber.” Referring to her new MAC campaign to raise money for an AIDS organization, Cyrus says, “I would love to see him in his Calvins wearing Viva Glam. It would get a lot of publicity, which we need.”

She even joked that the Biebs stole her look:

“The thing with short hair, when I saw [Bieber], he said, ‘I’m growing my hair out.’ I said, ‘Yeah, me too.’ But it’s not as…

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