This Is Embarrassing: Lena Dunham Thought Lil Jon & Lil Wayne Were The Same Person (PHOTOS)

Global Grind

462225528Lena Dunham might not be able to tell the difference between Lil Wayneand Lil Jon, but that’s OK, because they all look alike anyway.

…Rappers, not black people – because that would be racist.

The GIRLS actress, who was bicking back being bool at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, decided it would be cool to jot down a list of all the celebs she met this year. She did it back in 2007, so why not do it again, right? Here’s her list:

The thing is, Lil Wayne was nowhere near Sundance. Lena wrote:

“Ashamed of how many names I spelled wrong. Also we may have seen Lil Jon and written down Lil Wayne. Fucking unacceptable. I’m retiring (for the night)”

She then checked with her sources (Instagram followers) who confirmed that was indeed Lil Jon Lena saw – not the Young Money rapper. Lena posted…

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