Florida Man Asks Pregnant Girlfriend “Are You Ready For Your Abortion,” Hits Her With Car (VIDEO)

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[ione_embed src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/dGJxymFihuU service=youtube width=600 height=335 type=iframe]

Police have arrested a Florida man who asked his pregnant girlfriend if she was ready for her “abortion date,” before he plowed into her with a vehicle on Monday.

The woman, identified as Crystal Lynn Noordhuizen, and her unborn baby, survived the hit-and-run. In video taken from a surveillance camera, 33-year-old Justin Lee Colby can be seen getting out of the 2006 Dodge Charger after he hit the seven-month pregnant woman, refusing to help her.

Noordhuizen told deputies that she and Colby were fighting earlier that day. She left the Pasco, Fl. home to avoid the confrontation. Colby then called Noordhuizen and asked, “Are you ready for your abortion date?” After he plowed her down, Colby walked to his home on the same street and fled on a white motorcycle.

He was arrested some time later and faces a charge of attempted homicide. Noordhuizen was taken…

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