These 8 Tragic Murders Will Change The Way You Look At Social Media (LIST)

Global Grind


Social media has played an integral part in the way we communicate and generally interact with each other. Time has allowed us to show the best and worst uses for social media, but what happens when someone uses it for murder?

For some, the thrill of a wide-eyed audience on the other side of the computer screen can cause someone to kill. In the past decade, we’ve seen social media sites like Facebook and Twitter used as a bridge to enact murder. Just last week, a 17-year-old from South Carolina killed a classmate for sending flirty Snapchatmessages to his girlfriend. Social media has also captured the harrowing moments in real-time. Before the shooting of Michael Brown and protests in Ferguson reached national headlines, descriptions, photos, and videos flooded Twitter the moment the shooting occurred.

Other crimes have been just as gruesome and heart-wrenching. From a mother killing her child and…

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