Family Of Akai Gurley Plans To Sue City For $50 Million Following NYPD Shooting (DETAILS)

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The family of Akai Gurley, the unarmed black man shot by a New York City police officer in a dark stairwell, is planning to sue the city for $50 million over his death.

Gurley’s girlfriend, Kimberly Ballinger, notified New York City of the lawsuit on Thursday. Ballinger’s lawyer, Scott Rynecki, said Officer Peter Liang acted “recklessly” while patrolling the housing project known as the Pink Houses in East New York, Brooklyn. Liang, who drew his gun in the stairwell, maintains he was startled before firing the fatal shot.

“An officer has to be able to justify having his weapon out and in his hands,” Rynecki said. “We think there was no justification.”

The shooting, while believed to be accidental, is being investigated by the Brooklyn district attorney for possible criminal charges.

Ballinger filed a notice of claim seeking $50 million in damages against Liang…

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