Mini Activists: Howard University Middle School Students Protest Firing Of Teachers Who Taught Black History (PHOTOS)

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howard university middle school

They may be half the stature of the civil rights giants that paved the way for them, but students at Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science are delivering a full dose of activism following the termination of educators for focusing on black history.

On Monday, the students exercised their rights and walked out of class to protest the recent firing of three social studies teachers who were integrating black history into their curriculum. Parents have accused the principal of the charter school, Angelicque Blackmon, of handing out pink slips to the teachers during class.

“The school administration does not want the social studies teachers to teach African-American history,” said parent Shannon Settle. “We are on the campus of an HBCU [Historically Black Colleges and Universities]. We need to know our culture; the school is 90-percent African American.”


One parent said Principal Blackmon had adopted Montgomery County Public…

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