Stranger Danger: Family Stages Kidnapping To Scare 6-Year-Old For Being Too Nice To Strangers (DETAILS)

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So this happened.

The family of a 6-year-old boy in Missouri is being charged after they staged a four-hour kidnapping because they believed he was being too nice to people he didn’t know.

The child’s mother, grandmother, aunt, and a co-worker of the aunt have been charged with kidnapping and other felonies for trying to teach the child a lesson about stranger danger, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

“Family members told investigators their primary intent was to educate the victim and felt they did nothing wrong,” the press release said.

And according to the report, the kidnapping was as real as it gets. From CNN:

During his reported ordeal the boy was lured Monday into a pickup after getting off his school bus, tied up, threatened with a gun, taken to a basement where his pants were removed, and told he could be sold into…

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