Two Philadelphia Cops Arrested For Severely Beating Man, Breaking Eye Bone (DETAILS)

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Two Philadelphia police officers were arrested Thursday and accused of beating a man so severely that they broke his orbital bone.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said the two officers — Sean McKnight, 30, and Kevin Robinson, 26 — acted improperly and violated training when they lied to their superiors about the encounter, claiming Najee Rivera was the aggressor in order to charge him with aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

But surveillance video of the May 2013 incident showed otherwise.

“No one, not even police officers, is above the law,” District Attorney Seth Williams said as a video screen showed Najee Rivera’s beaten, swollen face.

After Rivera’s arrest, his girlfriend went to the area and found surveillance footage of his encounter with the officers. The video shows the officers slamming him against a wall and beating him on the ground, said Rivera’s attorney Leo Flynn.

“He’s aware of what…

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