WE PRAY! Two Michigan Parents Both Diagnosed With Cancer Just Several Months Apart (DETAILS)

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This is extremely sad.

Two Michigan parents are facing a “double tragedy,” after they were both diagnosed with cancer this past year.

31-year-old Shelby Offrink was told about her Stage IV glioblastoma right after giving birth to her second child, and her 34-year-old husband Ben got sick just months into her radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

DailyMail reports:

The new mother was diagnosed with Stage IV glioblastoma, a rare and incurable form of cancer on her spine. She was forced to undergo months of intense radiation and chemotherapy.

Several months into her treatment, last August, her husband fell ill. He visited his doctor and was told his own cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, had returned for a third time.

Mr Offrink, who also has a three-year-old daughter, Maeve, with Mrs Offrink, was forced to undergo chemotherapy, as well. He now needs a bone marrow transplant to survive.

Unbelievably, last month, the unfortunate…

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