Chris Brown Addresses Rumors He Got Beat Up At Meek Mill’s Grammy After Party (PHOTO)

Global Grind

Chris Brown is tired of his name being dragged through the mud, so if you let him tell it, he’s currently avoiding all bullshit.

As we kicked off our week, rumors that the singer and artist got beat up at a Grammy after party, hosted by Meek Mill last night, started circulating the ‘net. According to Breezy, those rumors are just not true.

A few hours ago, he addressed the gossip via Instagram. His caption reads:

discussion for bullshit. Given my prior encounters with the law I don’t conduct myself like that when I go out. So no, I wasnt involved in any pistol whipping or fighting. There was an altercation between other people at the party and I observed. Me and my team left so we wouldn’t have anything to do with it so the police wouldn’t fuck wit me. You know how my name pops up…

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