So This Great Thing Happened: NYC Hasn’t Had Any Murders For One Full Week (DETAILS)

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Gas Odor Investigated In New York City

Here’s some decent news.

As of Sunday night, New York City has made it a full week without a homicide. That’s a feat, given the last homicide was attributed to an incident that left five shot on Sunday near the intersection of W. 136th St. and Broadway in Harlem.

According to the New York Daily News, police said the murder-less stretch “did not take into account assaults that could be reclassified as homicides if the victim dies.”

But the city could be doing better. According to, the city has seen a total of 39 murders versus 33 over the same time period last year. The last time the city witnessed this type of bliss was in February 2014, when a 10-day stretch was partly attributed to the cold weather.

Guess we can say the same this year. Burr.


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