Meanwhile, In Police Brutality: Washington Police Fatally Shoot Father Of Two For Throwing Rocks (VIDEO)

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A 35-year-old homeless man in Pasco, Wash. was shot and killed after throwing multiple rocks at two police officers in what Pasco Police Chief Bob Metzger called “threatening” behavior.

Metzger said the officers first used a stun gun on the man, identified as Antonio Zambrano-Montes, but it had no effect. After Zambrano-Montes refused to put the remaining “softball size” rocks down, the officers opened fire.

The police chief said he does not know whether a weapon was found. Zambrano-Montes, whose last address was a homeless shelter, was pronounced dead on the scene.

Witnesses say the rocks thrown did not hit the officers.

Dario Infante, 21, of Pasco, recorded video (above) from a vehicle about 50 feet away as the scene unfolded. In an email interview, he said he decided to start recording when he saw an officer trying to use a stun gun on the man. Infante…

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