Homeless Man Breaks Into Funeral Home, Steals Bicycle, & Has Sex With Woman’s Corpse (DETAILS)

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According to new reports, a homeless man from Georgia broke into a funeral home recently, stole a bicycle, and had sex with one dead woman’s corpse.

Georgia police arrested 26-year-old Domonique Smith this past Monday, and during their investigation into the Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service burglary, they reportedly found evidence of necrophilia.

5NewsOnline reports:

“The investigation led us to believe he had a sexual act with the woman’s body,” Griswould said.

Griswould didn’t comment on the type of sexual act Smith allegedly performed on the body. The victim wasn’t identified, but her family has been informed of the charges and the ongoing investigation, Griswould said.

If the homeless man is convicted of the “extremely rare” crime, he could be sentenced with up to 10 years in jail.

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SOURCE: 5NewsOnline | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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