Kobe Bryant Covers GQ & Reasserts Himself As The NBA’s “Most Ferocious Competitor” (PHOTOS)

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0315 GQ COVER_Page_3Kobe Bryant is a talented man – and he certainly knows it.

The NBA’s “most ferocious competitor” hits the cover of GQ‘s March issue doing what he does best – looking good while showing off his handle.

Inside the magazine full of dapper gentleman, Kobe sets the record straight on a few issues – namely, people labeling him as selfish, as well as the issue with basketball players who are intimidated by his “nature.”

He admits he may be less enjoyable to play with, but according to the Black Mamba, that’s neither here nor there, as all that really matters is his ability to “destroy” on the court.

Check out a few excerpts from his interview below.

On players who are intimidated by his ego:

“Does my nature make me less enjoyable to play with? Of course,” Kobe Bryant says of his ego and if that has deterred star players…

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