Here’s The Real Reason Why Quincy Brown Isn’t On ‘Empire’ (DETAILS)

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Quincy Brown is making big moves, but starring on Empire was one he decided against, much to dismay of his fans.

The eldest son of Diddy revealed the real reason why he turned down a starring role on the hit show during his interview with The Breakfast Club this past week.

Quincy revealed that contract issues with the music side of the show became the bigger issue, as he went into detail with the hosts:

“Basically, I pretty much booked the role. Dealing with a show like that, it breaks down theatrically and musically. Theatrically, there were no complaints. They didn’t really let me know that there was a music side that came with a contract. It just took everybody for a loop because we wanted to negotiate and change a couple of things and they were like, ‘nah.'”

Despite not being part of the…

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