President Obama: No Religion Is Responsible For Terrorism (DETAILS)

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On the heels of comments he made suggesting Christianity was used to justify Jim Crow laws, President Barack Obama is touching on religion again, this time saying the belief system is not responsible for terrorism.

The president’s recent remarks, both on Christianity and Islamic extremists, are meant to divorce Islam from the terrorism those extremists carry out across the world. In Thursday’s White House Summit to combating violent extremism, Obama continued to drive home that distinction.

“No religion is responsible for terrorism — people are responsible for violence and terrorism,” Obama told delegates.

Obama also said military force alone will not defeat terrorism, and the nation must work with local communities to reduce the influence of those who advocate violent extremism.

“They are not religious leaders,” Obama said. “They are terrorists.”

But the president’s efforts to avoid using the term “Islamic extremism” aren’t going over too well with Republicans.

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