Whodunnit? Connecticut Police Investigating Racist Letter Printed On Official Police Letterhead (DETAILS)

Global Grind

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So this happened.

An anonymous letter with the salutation “White Power” written at the top and bottom has prompted an investigation by Connecticut police after it was found in mailboxes at the police station.

The letter, laced with racist language geared towards African-American officers, was printed on official police letterhead, according to Bridgeport police. While the sender of the vitriolic letter has yet to be uncovered, officials have pointed to the acquittal of African-American officer Clive Higgins as a motivator.

Higgins, who “doesn’t belong at the department” according to the racist letter, was the only one of three officers acquitted for using excessive force in the kicking of a detained man on the ground. The other officers, one white and one Hispanic, pleaded guilty and will serve three months in prison.

“Right now, there’s an active investigation at the state level, so everything is in question: its authenticity, the motive…

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