Late Night News Recap: Suge Knight Heads Back To Jail After Another Hospital Visit, TLC Finishes Kickstarter & More!

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Marion "Suge" Knight mug shot PhotoSuge Knight is back in jail after he spent another day in the hospital for “stomach problems,” according to his attorney. The hip-hop mogul was taken to the hospital from a West Los Angeles Courthouse during an arraignment where he would please guilty or not guilty to charges of threatening a woman he allegedly stole a camera from in September. [NBC Los Angeles]

TLC has reached the end of their Kickstarter campaign that will fund their next and final studio album, and it certainly was a success. The campaign raised more than $430,000, which was more than three times their original goal of $150,000, which they reached over the course of three days. [Billboard]

A Kentucky Police Department has issued a warrant for the arrest of Queen Elsa. Yes, you read that right – Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen is currently wanted by the…

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