Tyga Opens Up About Kylie Jenner: “I Love Being Around Her,” Chris Talks Karrueche Breakup & “Corny” Drake

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[ione_embed src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/_ylzJtf8bKk service=youtube width=600 height=335 type=iframe]

Tyga and Chris Brownstopped by Ebro In The Morning to promote their Fan of A Fan album and ended up talking about a few other important things.

Tyga, who has been in the media lately for his relationship with underage Kylie Jenner, opened up about their friendship, but stopped short from calling her his girlfriend.

“She’s just a good person, I love being around her. It’s my decision to continue to be around her and have her involved in my life. I don’t think it’s the world’s decision to dictate that.”

Peter Rosenberg brought up the fact that when he asked Nicki Minaj if she was dating Meek Mill and she lied, he felt Tyga was also lying to them with his answers. He replied:

“Not really because we always hung out. Whether I was in a relationship or not. They knew…

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