850 DNA Matches In FBI Database After Houston Clears 6,600 Untested Rape Kits

Global Grind


Houston officials have made 850 DNA matches in the FBI’s nationwide database after clearing 6,600 rape kits that went untested for years, some of which were backlogged for nearly three decades.

Following the matches, charges have been filed against 29 people. Six have been convicted since the testing began in 2013.

The effort to clear the kits, a $6 million undertaking, came to an end last fall. According to Mayor Annise Parker, the results were processed through the DNA databases to compare the samples to possible suspects.

From the NY Daily News:

The six convictions resulted in sentences between two and 45 years in prison, officials said. Investigators will continue to review the 850 matches to see if more charges can be filed in other cases.

Some of the cases cannot be prosecuted because they fall outside of Texas’ statute of limitations, KPRC reported. Still, DNA evidence from a…

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