A Little Positivity: Single Mother Of 4 Wins $127 Million Powerball Prize

Global Grind

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Here’s a little positivity.

A single mother of four is still reeling from being the winner of what officials are calling the largest Powerball win in North Carolina history. And Marie Holmes, 26, knows exactly what to do with the $127 million she’s taking home.

Give her kids the world.

“This is going to make a huge difference for them,” Holmes said of her children at a press conference. “They’re going to be able to live a comfortable life and not worry about struggling.”

Holmes, mother to three girls and a son suffering from cerebral palsy, previously worked at fast food chains and retailers to support her Shallotte, NC-based family. But she didn’t know that was all going to change the day she asked her mother to pick up a Quick Pick lottery ticket.

In fact, Holmes wasn’t even aware that she was the winner…

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