Court Issues Not Guilty Plea For U.S. Marine Who Killed Transgender Filipino Woman

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The court has entered a not guilty plea for the U.S. Marine who was charged with murder for killing a transgender Filipino woman, The Guardianreports.

Marine Pfc Joseph Scott Pemberton refused to enter a plea in court at Olongapo, north of Manilla on Monday. Pemberton killed Jennifer Laude last October after discovering she was a born a male. The two met while Pemberton was hanging with friends at a disco bar. Pemberton separated from his friends and headed to a motel with Laude. After finding out she was transgender, Pemberton choked Laude and dragged her into the motel bathroom, where he drowned her in the toilet. The 19-year-old was charged with murder in December.

Pemberton later returned to his naval base and told Marine Lance Corporal Jairn Michael Rose that he killed Laude.

“I think I killed a he/she,” Pemberton was quoted as having told Rose.

“Finally justice can be attained for our…

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