Former Marine Eddie Ray Routh Found Guilty In “American Sniper” Murder Trial

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A guilty verdict was reached this week in the “American Sniper” trial. A jury convicted Eddie Ray Routh for the double murder of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield in a matter of hours on Tuesday.

Routh, a former Marine, shot Kyle and his friend in the backs at a Texas gun range in February 2013. The story became national headlines after Kyle’s autobiography was turned into the Oscar-nominated film American Sniper in 2015.

Routh initially pleaded not guilty by insanity, but cross examinations proved that Routh was aware of actions and knew right from wrong at the time of the shooting. He was also heard apologizing to the families of both victims during his interview with detectives.

According to ABC News:

State prosecutors have made it clear that they would not be seeking the death penalty in the case, and while the sentence for murder is life in…

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