Why the 76ers claimed Thomas Robinson off waivers


The Nuggets agreed to buy out Thomas Robinson.

The Nets agreed to sign him.

But Sam Hinkie agreed to nothing.

The 76ers interfered with the plans of Denver, Robinson and Brooklyn by claiming Robinson off waivers.


As usual with cases like this, the answer is money.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement requires all teams to end the regular season with a team salary of at least 90 percent the salary cap.

Prior claiming Robinson, the 76ers were $3,023,771 below the salary floor using data from Basketball Insiders.

Of course, there’s no real punishment for failing to reach the salary floor. The team must just pay its players the shortfall. One way or another, teams are supposed to pay at least 90 percent of the salary cap.

But the 76ers found a loophole.

Robinson’s $3,678,360 salary lifts them above the salary floor. However, because the Trail Blazers and…

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