20 Numbers That Explain Why We Still Fight In Trayvon Martin’s Name

The Urban Daily

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It’s been nearly three years since a neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot a Florida teenager walking home after picking up a bag of Skittles and an Arizona canned drink from a convenience store.

And on Feb. 5, 2015, that teenager would have celebrated a birthday. His name is Trayvon Martin. And as the date of his death at the hands of George Zimmerman approaches for the third time, we invoke his name to remember that his life matters.

Black lives matter.

On this day, we examine 20 numbers that represent the alarming rates at which our children are being gunned down by vigilante-types and police, shed light on the gun laws that have changed minimally since his 17th birthday, and expose the system that aided in Zimmerman’s acquittal in July 2013.

And amid what is arguably the largest movement for black liberation in decades

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