Philadelphia Man Arrested In Connection With Murder Of Nicki Minaj’s Tour Manager

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Police are looking to add homicide charges to Pierce Boykin, a 32-year-old Philadelphia native who was arrested Tuesday in connection with the murder of Nicki Minaj’s tour manager.

According to ABC 6, Boykin was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and simple assault. Boykins was present during the time victims De’Von Pickett and Eric Parker were stabbed to death. Pickett, who previously worked with Pusha T and Fabolous, was in town last week prepping for Nicki Minaj’s European tour.

After grabbing dinner with Parker, the two left the Che Bar and Grill and got into a fight with a few local men. Reports claim the fight was over a woman who worked at the bar.

“Both of the parties both knew a female who worked at the bar, and the arguments centered around her,” explained Philadelphia Police Captain James Clark.

Clark says a verbal altercation quickly escalated into a…

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