Watch Erykah Badu Crash Another Live News Broadcast

Global Grind

God, Erykah Badureally is the best.

What are the chances Erykah Badu would be given the opportunity to crash not one, but two live news broadcasts? Slim to none, but it appears the universe is pulling for her to be on the local nightly news.

During a live segment about flight delays and cancellations at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Erykah Badu appeared in the shot of a live broadcast. Luckily, the newscaster knew exactly who she was and welcomed her to join the conversation.

This time around, Erykah didn’t attempt to kiss the broadcaster like she did in New York City, but she did drop a gem about the terrible weather plaguing Texas.

When asked about the winter storm invading the Lone Star State, Erykah simply responded, “It’s cold out here for a pimp.”

We feel you, Erykah. Pimping ain’t easy.

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