Michael Bolton Recalls Clearing A Sample For Kanye West And Jay Z

The Urban Daily

US rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z (L) perf GUILLAUME BAPTISTE

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The only place more random than a Kanye West album for Michael Bolton to appear on may be Genius.com. The annotation site allows fans, musicians, and scholars to interpret various works, with musicians often gaining the most prominence for explaining their lyrics or how particular songs came about. In Bolton’s case, Kanye West sampled Bolton’s 1980 song, “Maybe It’s The Power Of Love” for “Never Let Me Down” from The College Dropout.

Bolton wrote the following about clearing a sample for a song he and fellow Blackjack member Bruce Kulick wrote some 24 years before Kanye and Jay Z’s publishing reps approached them.

“When Kanye and Jay-Z’s publishing reps reached out to me about clearing this sample, I was surprised and flattered.

I wrote this song in the early 80s. If you told me back then that 20 years later…

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