So, This Happened: Irish Car Thief Throws Brick At Car, It Bounces Bounces Back & Knocks Him Out

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They say God doesn’t like ugly and this may have been a prime example.

Back in Drogheda, Ireland, one guy found himself attempting to steal a car – reportedly, a “shiny Mercedes” – but things didn’t quite go as he expected.

The thief threw a brick at the car, but the brick bounced back and hit him right in the face, completely knocking him out.

MTV reports:

One novice Irish car thief learned this the hard way on Friday (February 27), and the video is a must-see. According to The Irish Independent, the thief was casing cars outside of The Pheasant Pub in Drogheda, Ireland, when he came upon a shiny Mercedes. He picked up a brick and chucked it at the passenger window — only the window fought back, with the brick bouncing off the window and smacking the thief right in the…

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