An ESPN Anchor Said Iggy Azalea Is Killing Hip-Hop, So Her Boyfriend Nick Young Fired Back

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ESPN’s Robert Flores made a statement that Iggy Azalea is killing hip-hop, and her boyfriend, Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young didn’t appreciate it. Once he saw the clip, Young fired back at Flores with a few words on Twitter.

“Since these Sports Channels want to like they BET we shall see,” Young said. “It’s cool to talk about me all day, any day. I find with that, I can take a joke. That’s what I do joke, but I didn’t see the point of that.”

The joke came on Sports Center, where Flores joked about a near-death experience Young had with a dolphin, a tale that was told on Twitter by Iggy.

“Nick is scared of dolphins,” she said. “A dolphin in Cabo tried to kill him once. I was there and to be fair, it’s true. Now he won’t go on…

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