Chris Rock Clearly Did Not Like The Jackie Robinson Film… At All

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Chris Rock isn’t the type to mince words.

In a recently premiered bonus DVD clip for his latest movie, Top Five, Rock blasts the 2013 Jackie Robinson biopic, 42.

“People liked that movie,” Rock says during a previously unreleased stand-up bit. “I thought it was a piece of sh-t.”

“This is the whole ‘legend of Jackie Robinson’ bullsh-t,” he continues. “Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. There was no barrier, it was just [that] white people didn’t let him play. They say, ‘He broke the barrier.’ They try to make it seem like he got to play because he was so good—like he was the first black man that actually learned how to play baseball. Like all the black people before him were just licking the ball.”

The issue isn’t exclusive to 42 either, says Rock. “Any Civil Rights movies, there’s two…

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