Meet The Most Fascinating White Man On The Internet: Roger “OG” Pollard

Global Grind

With racial tensions at an all time, we’re glad to inform you ebony and ivory are living in a version of perfect harmony in California.

By version, we mean via dance.

You’ve probably seen his Vines floating across your timeline one time or another, but there’s more to the old white guy dancing to Migos’ “Fight Night.”

His name is Roger “OG” Pollard and he’s a dance enthusiast from California’s Bay Area. After getting a divorce from his wife of many years, Roger reverted back to his bad boy bachelor ways. Instead of hitting the local dive bar that plays “Livin’ On A Prayer” every hour on the hour, Roger hit up the nearest hip-hop club in Modesto, California and started perfecting his “Dougie.”

Don’t get it twisted, hip-hop isn’t Roger’s only specialty. The seasoned dancer has mastered the art of salsa, merengue, and swing dancing.

Basically, Roger’s a modern-day…

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