Method Man Blames Hip-Hop Media For A Role In Tupac And Biggie’s Death

The Urban Daily

2014 Winter TCA Tour - Day 6 Source: Frederick M. Brown / Getty

Earlier this month, RZA and producer Cilvaringz revealed that Wu-Tang Clan’s forthcoming single copy album The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shoalin will only be released commercially and to the masses after 88 years have passed.

Obviously this caused a ruckus among fans and spectators alike.

Not long afterwards, XXL jumped on the phone with Method Man to get his take on the newly broadcast proposition. Needless to say, Meth had some very choice words to say about the project and the 88-year release idea.

After the interview was posted to XXL’s online platform, Method Man took to Instagram to blast the interviewer for not fully informing him on the proposition, something he was unaware of prior to the conversation taking place.

Now, during a newly published interview with HuffPost Live, Method Man opened up about his views on the…

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