14-Year-Old Florida Girl Beat Up In Violent Middle School, Gang-Related Brawl

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middle school kids playing Source: Education Images / Getty

A violent fight, suspected to have been started by a female gang, erupted at Homestead Middle School recently. The fight involved a student by the name of Angelina Padron, as well as several other young kids who attend the school.

The 14-year-old was able to hold her own until she fell to the ground and the kids all ganged up on her. Daily Mail reports:

In the video, Padron is punched, kicked and dragged by her hair into the street.

The fight was finally stopped when a man picked Padron off the ground.

Padron and the other girls in the fight were all suspended initially, but her suspension was overturned, CBS Miami reported.

Padron and her mother reported the fight to the school district and they will be pressing charges. Padron’s family is hoping to move out of the state after this incident occurred.

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